CMAS Three Star Diver

Planning and organising dives.
Leading and coordination CMAS One Star divers up until 20-meters deep and CMAS Two Star/CMAS Three Star divers up until 40-meters deep in open waters. May act as dive guide and as assistant to an instructor during swimming-pool and ocean-training sessions.

Requires: minimum age (16), parental permission (for minors), CMAS Two Star Diver certification (or equivalent) and 15 logged dives after having been certified as CMAS Two Star Diver (10 of which at least 30 meters-deep).
Also requires: CMAS CPR Training Programme and CMAS Oxygen Administration Training Programme (less than 2 years before), CMAS Underwater Navigation Training Programme, CMAS Search and Recovery Diver Training Programme and CMAS Rescue Diver Training Programme.

The CMAS Three Star Diver certification will be confirmed after 50 dives logged (20 of which at least 30 meters-deep) - training dives included.   
It is the duty of every diver to make sure beforehand that there are no reasons that might prevent him/her from diving - if these reasons exist, this must be declared in writing.