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    Escola de
    Mergulho do Norte

    "The respect we learn to have for the real inhabitants of this world – this respect,
    only after having felt the innocence of a fish, the intelligence of a dolphin,
    the majesty of a whale or even the strength of a shark can we understand."

    Jacques Cousteau, Letter to divers

Escola de Mergulho do Norte was founded in March 1999 and it resulted from the will and the pleasure to spread the knowledge about the underwater world and the scuba diving activities linked to it. We committed ourselves from the outset to teaching recreational and technical diving as one of our main activities. We teach courses from entry levels all the way to diving instructor levels in accordance with the main international certification agencies: CMAS, TDI and SDI, PADI and SSI.
The other main activity carried out by us regards underwater tourism: we organise throughout the year diving trips to the best spots in Portugal - Sesimbra, Berlengas, Algarve, Leixões, Açores, Madeira - and also worldwide - Mexico, Bahamas, Cape Verde, Egipt and many others.