1. Why dive?
Beacause it's the best way to know the "silent world" Jacques Cousteau told us about. Also because the oceans are the largest part of planet Earth and they are the most mysterious and unknown part too.

2. Is it dangerous?
No. All sports have associated risks but statistics show there are less accidents and injuries while scuba diving than in football, handball, hockey or jogging.

3. Do I need to be an excellent swimmer?
No. Just the very basics.

4. Is it expensive?
Contact us to learn about prices for training courses. The prices of the dive trips depend of course of your choices regarding destinations and other preferences.

5. Do I need any equipment?
No. We provide the full equipment for the courses.

6. What are the courses' schedules?
Schedules are typically post-working time, to be agreed between us and the students.

7. With the training courses of Escola de Mergulho do Norte where can I dive?
You can dive the whole world - our training in provided in accordance with the main international agencies.

8. Can I purchase my equipment from you?

9. Are there special prices for groups?
Yes. Get in touch and know more.

10. Can I encounter sharks while diving?
Only if you are very lucky!